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About Us

The Canvas Art Factory is a rare find in the world of e-commerce companies. Founded in 2005, we are 100% Australian owned and operated. A leader in high quality canvas prints using the latest technology with industry leading guarantees.  You can now reproduce your own photos and exquisite art that is non-toxic, water and fade resistant, with an archival period more than 80 years.

You’ll be surprised with the range of choices we have available! Our prints are captured and reproduced with extreme clarity, vibrance and detail to make it look as close as possible to the image you see on screen! We are also proud to feature exclusive prints from local award winning artists and photographers from around Australia.

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More About Canvas

Unfortunately, the cheap and cheerful stores have seriously cheapened the perception of canvas artwork. It is therefore our job to enlighten our customers on the qualities a good canvas should have so here are our canvas features that I dare you to compare to other retailers – whether they are online or in your local shopping centre:

  • Canvas material that is completely water resistant (you can hang our canvas prints outdoors or in kitchens and bathrooms and the ink will not budge!) and will not sag over time – tight as a drum as they say!
  • Frames that are water and warp resistant – we have done our research and we make stretcher bars that last a lifetime and regardless of the size you choose your artwork will not bow or warp – we guarantee it!
  • Inks are not just inks – The Canvas Art Factory uses HP latex inks – fade resistant for up to 80 years out of direct sunlight and completely scratch resistant not to mention non-toxic and bio-degradable! Too much information? Well, at least you know we know we are conscious about the qualities of what we are making!

We Can Customise

We don’t outsource our manufacturing so if our standard sizes, shapes and colours don’t work for your project or space just call us and we shall listen! Don’t go to an interior designer to get a bespoke artwork. Call or e-mail The Canvas Art Factory ( ) and you’ll get a customised artwork to perfectly suit your colour scheme and space. And we’re not like other printers who only make “small” canvasses – we have super-size printers capable of printing up to 3.2 metres!

Factory Direct

We design, manufacture, wholesale, retail and deliver – all at the most competitive prices! Call us the “Master of Artwork!” What more can we say? Ditch the middle man mark up and buy direct from the factory today!

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