Tips to decorate a living-dining room for home staging.

Naked walls in your living-dining room?

Paintings are probably the best decorative tool for a home staging. They make beautiful rooms without cluttering, and because they are hanged, they help provide clear and unobstructed surfaces.

On top of all this, we have to keep in mind that in a house for sale or rent, there shouldn’t be any photos from the previous residents around. But you are not going to just leave the nail in plain sight! So you might need a few canvases to substitute the family photos at the beach. Still, you have to be careful, an excess can be also counterproductive.

Keep reading and we will show you what are the best spots to place them and the best ways to arrange them attending to different room types. At the end of this post we will show you a few examples of the best styles for a home staging living-dining room.


What is the best spot and the best way to hang a canvas in a living-dining room?


Above the couch.


You can create many different arrangements and the suitability will always depend on the wall where you want to hang them. The emptiest wall in a living-dining room is usually the wall right behind the couch. If that is your case we’d recommend three different types of arrangements, choose the one you like the most.


In the first one, we’d recommend a canvas that is large and attracts attention, but never wider than the couch itself. Always a bit shorter. It should never stand out on the sides. If your couch is very large (above 3.50m), don’t use a canvas that is too wide, because it will cover most of the wall and will clutter the general view in the room. We are all for large canvases, but within a limit. Also, remember not to choose a canvas that is too small, because it will look out of place.


An example, if you are in a 4m room with a 2.80m couch, hung a canvas 15cm above the top of the backrest and centered with the couch. A good canvas size in this case would be 180 wide and 118 height.

Tips from The Canvas Art Factory

The second option is to place a triptych. If you do this, our advice would be to hung them in alignment.


Triptych t hanging tips from The Canvas Art Factory

Some people chooses to play with different heights, but most times this has a negative impact in the room, creating a lack of balance and directing your vision excessively to this spot.


Triptych hanging tips 2 from The Canvas Art Factory

That’s why we prefer aligned triptychs; unless they are irregular triptychs, like in the photo above. If the canvas you have chosen is like this, draw an imaginary line in the center of the image and hung them with this reference. Keep in mind to keep the largest piece in the tryptich 15cm above the end of the couch, and leave 6/8 cms spaces between the different pieces.


It’s interesting to know that, although we use the word triptych to define a multiple-part painting that is divided into sections, the proper definition of tryptich is only a three-part painting or wall art piece. Tryptichs are just a part of the polyptychs family: Diptychs for two-parts, tetraptychs for four-parts, pentaptychs for five, hexaptychs for six, and so on.


Triptychs (or polyptychs) were very popular amongst Renaissance painters and have been in and out in the artistic trends ever since. Right now they are becoming very trendy again.


The third option works very well with high ceilings. What you need to do is to place three or four rows of paintings upwards, as you can see in the next drawing. This specific arrangement works perfectly in very high ceilings and with small couches, not too wide. Try to always have same size canvases to create this framing. Same size, same material and with very light metallic frames, or even better with no-frames at all. With wider wooden frames, it will not look so good.


The only recommendation would be to allow for a 3cm separation between canvases, and, as always, hang the lowest ones at 15cm above the couch. If you have no option but to repeat designs in these types of arrangements, do not worry. Place them diagonally from the repeated piece. It will look great! Look in this image you can see this type of arrangements with repeated designs.


Triptych hanging tips 3 from The Canvas Art Factory

Above the sideboard


If you want to hang a canvas on top of a sideboard or cupboard, you can use a large canvas, but make sure is never wider than the piece of furniture. It is always best when you allocate for 15cm in each side of the canvas.


The Canvas Art Factory

If you have a smaller canvas (30cm or 40cm) that you want to make the most of, try to find a couple more that you can use to create your own triptych arrangement.


The Canvas Art Factory tips to decorate

And always remember that less is more. The simpler and uncluttered that is your home staging the easier that will be to make it attractive to a potential buyer. It is more important to suggest the decorative potential in the room than to guide as to how it should be decorated.


Another option (in the case that you have a large TV cabinet) is to place a large canvas laying against the wall by the TV set, no hanging required. Always works best with a vertical painting. You can also opt for hanging a small triptych in the wall above the TV set.



Let’s not forget about the dining table. If the table is close to a wall, we would recommend to buy a large horizontal canvas, it will help to frame and define that space. Although a nice regular triptych would also do the trick. So many options!



These are a few examples of the infinite designs that you can find at the Canvas Art Factory, for all styles and all spaces.


Island Archway Wolf Pack

Serenity Ride (long)    Firewater (square)


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