Our art liquidation store at Woolloongabba is still open to the public during normal trading hours, with increased sanitation measures in place. We are also continuing to take orders placed online, and are experiencing no delays in fulfilling orders.

An Introduction to Contemporary Photography

When you look at a photograph online and see it labelled as ‘contemporary’, do you understand what the term means in relation to the image? Canvas photos and prints with this moniker are widespread and very common, but few people can explain why a piece of photograph is called ‘contemporary’ as opposed to anything else. […]

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Surrealism: The Appeal of the Weird

Surrealist paintings and prints rank among the most popular in private collections and as décor for contemporary homes. In fact, many surrealist artists are household names – a testament to the enduring appeal of this dreamy and often weird art movement. Such as artists include the likes of André Breton, Salvador Dali, and Frida Kahlo to […]

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