Serenity Ride (long)

Serenity Ride (long)

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Product Description

Prices are for ready to hang canvas art ie. stretched.  

Born in Coffs Harbour on the East coast of Australia in 1980, Adam Duffy is at the peak of Ocean Art Photography, documenting over 35 of the most beautiful countries in the world!  

Adam’s passion for the ocean began as a child travelling to the beach with family until he became old enough to work as a chef, and invest in his first camera at age 15.  

His most favorite places to travel are Hawaii, Fiji, Brazil, Tahiti, Indonesia and around Australia just to name a few.  

Adam has paved the way for an innovative shooting style and techniques never before implemented, a pioneer of the under/over water shot and flash illuminated Surf photography with highest expertise, capturing intense detail. Its with this level of innovation that Adam is rapidly gaining exposure for his work, winning multiple international photography awards.  

“The ocean is my calling, it has been with me longer than anything else, I can go there with friends or by myself and have the time of my life, I am also blessed with all the nice feedback people constantly give me, the photography really touches other people also and not just myself, It feels great to inspire people through my photography”.   

All Adam’s Images capture the extreme beauty in raw high quality large format, perfect for large format prints for home or the office. 

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 4 x 60 x 20 cm
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90×30 cm, 118×37 cm, 138×46 cm, 158×53 cm, 180×59 cm, 210×70 cm, 270×90 cm