Rhiannon Hetherington

Rhiannon the artist behind RMH ART, is a self taught acrylic artist. She has been painting for 3 years come March 2018. In her short time as an artist, she has grown a style that is uniquely her own and the signature style of RMH ART. Rhiannon loves to paint and portray her subjects different to reality, encompassing her loose brush strokes and bold colours. Her subjects include portraits, sensual paintings, animals and the occasional cityscape.

Painting is way that Rhiannon expresses her own emotions, which can be found in each painting. Her use of colours in each painting and the erratic nature of her brush strokes is a reflection of how herself as the artist is feeling. She said that looking back at her paintings she can feel her own memories and emotions speaking to her and finds it truly humbling that she can connect with other people through her paintings.

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