Jacqui Gregory

“My emotions are stirred by the vivid and stunning colours of mother nature. From all aspects of my adventurous life I have absorbed many moving visions that I express in my creativity.”

Born in country New South Wales, Australia and raised in a Central Queensland coastal town – Jacqui has spread her travel wings from an early age exploring isolated paradise destinations and challenging life in the rainforest wilderness.

Jacqui has balanced a corporate life of Marketing and Negotiation and her creative side over many years, always excited by her next colourful endeavour and commitment to create inspiring works. Now based in Brisbane, Queensland – Jacqui delights immersing herself in paint to inspire with colour and fluidity.

“I paint with preparation, random techniques and a spiritual connection. Hours just disappear when I am creating, it’s a magic world to go to. I want to share my passion of creating so that each finished piece finds a home that needs a bright light of artwork to admire every day.

Through the adventures of life seeing colour and feeling emotion is a gift. One black spot of trouble can be replaced by viewing the joy in art.”

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