Agnes D'Cruz Rajesh

Artist Agnes D’Cruz Rajesh emotes with her brushes on canvas, the themes always revolving around elements of nature. Her works evoke an in-depth analysis of the definition of life.

Agnes says, “I think we humans are happiest when we stay connected with nature and this subject makes up the largest part of the artworks I create, I choose to evolve my works from nature, in impressionistic as well as abstract styles. I have always been amazed by the way nature evokes an emotion, triggers a memory or even narrates a story in the ethereal arrangements of its elements. The flora, fauna, earth, water, fire, all symbolise the elements of life, its moods and emotions. The clarity of that one moment in a cacophony of memories, the eager playfulness of the young, the longing wait for a lover, a beautiful shy tryst. My paintings are my attempt to capture those beautiful moments, narrate that story on canvas, letting my brush emote with paint.”

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