One man, one vision to picture the world

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One man, one vision to

Picture The World

You may know the Canvas Art Factory name but do you know the story behind the vision to picture the world?

Photography: Story Bridge 2015 by Willem van de Beld
Photography: Story Bridge 2015 by Willem van de Beld
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The Canvas Art Factory began in 2005 under the vision of Artist and Designer Willem van de Beld. From an early age, the artistic talent of Willem was recognised and he sold his first painting at the age of four. The art never stopped.

It began in a boatshed in Brisbane

Bringing over 30 years’ experience in the art and retail industry, Willem began printing and manufacturing canvas art reproductions, as well as in-house designs from a humble boatshed in the bayside suburbs of Brisbane.

Back In 2008, the company moved from the boatshed in Redland Bay to premises in Fortitude Valley, giving space for manufacturing and a retail showroom. In 2011, continued growth and the adoption of new technologies for eco-friendly printing meant even more space was needed.

Artwork: Brushstrokes by Willem van de Beld 
Artwork: Brushstrokes by Willem van de Beld 
(image source

The Storm that devastated Brisbane

On the 27th November 2014 Brisbane experienced a natural disaster; a supercell storm that lashed out 140 kph winds and hail across many parts of Brisbane. Though the storm only lasted thirty minutes it caused over $1.1 billion in damage and the Canvas Art Factory was caught in the middle of it. Thankfully none of our staff were injured in what they described as a “tornado”. The windows in the building were blown out and the roof collapsed. The entire building was shut down for three months as repairs were done. With the building repaired, operations resumed and the company recovered.

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