How to choose the right art for your wall.

Some people have a hard time deciding what to do with a huge empty wall in the house. Just thinking about the endless options, potential cost, and fear of buying the art piece that everyone will hate, is enough to freeze the will of the bravest. That’s why, from The Canvas Art Factory, we have decided to help you find the right art to decorate your walls. You just need to follow these simple rules:


  • Scale. Look for canvases that are not too small for a large white wall, and also not too big to overtake the room. See? That wasn’t difficult at all.




  • Instinct. Follow your instinct (or your partner’s instinct if your instinct does not work). You’ll never go wrong following your (or your partners) instinct! If you love it, it’s right for you. Art resonates with us in a very instinctive way. It could be the colours, the theme… It could be anything! If you’ve fallen in love with a canvas, hang it!


  • Hunt online. There are hundreds of websites that sell art online -like ourselves at The Canvas Art Factory-, and each one of us has thousands of images to choose from. Some are the same designs, some are exclusive. Make of the search a pleasant experience. To help you do exactly that, what we’ve done is to categorise and list our designs to make it easy for you to find the right art. Search by style, by theme, by keyword… Find abstract, classical paintings or our exclusive artists designs… Photos, paintings… There are literally thousands of options. So, don’t worry, yours is out there, waiting for you. You just need to find it.




  • Check the artists. Sometimes we find a design that we like, but we don’t absolutely love. Why don’t you try to find out who the artist is? Check a few of his or her paintings. Maybe it’s there.




  • Ask for what you want. Same scenario as before. You find a piece that you like a lot, but it’s not exactly what you are looking for. Well, if you have a very clear image of what you want, why don’t you call and ask for it? Sometimes, companies like ours have the possibility of customizing a design to the client’s requests. Not the right colour? We’ll change it. Not the perfect size? No worries, we’ll build it for you. Don’t settle for good. Ask for perfect. Call us.


  • Mix Classic and Modern. There are thousands of rules and theories about Interior Design and decoration. No matter what style and theory you follow, you’ll probably be failing to fulfill hundreds of theories anyway. What I mean by this is that you need to feel free, just go for what works for you. Some people say that mixing classic and modern styles in the same room is wrong. You know what? It isn’t.


  • Respect the canvas. If you bought a canvas because it was relevant and beautiful to you, keep in mind that it will need space to “breathe”, don’t overcharge the room with too many flamboyant items, or your new canvas could get lost in the confusion.


  • Discover what you like. Look at different styles, don’t assume what you are going to like. You might be surprised, give it a chance!


  • The Wall. It might seem obvious, but you can’t imagine how many times people choose a canvas without taking into account the size or colours of the walls. Make sure it goes with the wall.




  • There are no rules. False! As I explained before there are actually thousands of rules and theories. Some of them will work for you, some of them won’t. But these are three simple rules that work for almost everyone:
    • 1. If you are going to hang a canvas over a piece of furniture (table, couch, chest of drawers…) make sure that it’s not wider than the furniture. The canvas should be approximately three-fourths the width of the furniture. Check this post for this.
    • 2. The canvas should be hanged 15 to 30 cm above the piece of furniture. Too close or too far just looks ridiculous.
    • 3. The center of the canvas should be at eye level. You don’t want to break your neck looking up or down. Canvases are made to be seen after all.


  • Match, match, match, but not too much. There is a feeling of calm and balance in rooms where the colour scheme is coherent and there’s a common style to be perceived. These type of decoration works very well in rooms where we are going to spend a large amount of time. But sometimes it’s a good idea to break the order and add a dissonant note to the balance. A splash of colour can make a room more vibrant, and bigger!




We hope these little tips can help you find the right canvas for your house or for a present. You can visit us at or you can drop by to our showroom if you are in Brisbane.


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