Designing the perfect Waiting Room


Waiting Rooms, those places where we sit for minutes and sometimes hours. Where time flows specially slowly. No matter if it’s a private office, a consultation or a public office, for commercial or entertainment purposes. Whether we like it or not these spaces talk about us, they say a lot about our company. So it is important to leave our best imprint.

That’s why from The Canvas Art Factory we want to give you a few ideas to transform that boring place into a waiting room filled with interesting details.


Ready? These are the most important things to take into account when designing your waiting room:


1. Comfort above all. Look for good furniture to sit down. Whether they are armchairs, benches or individual chairs. And beware is heavy traffic furniture, people will spill their drinks and will get things dirty, so it is best if it’s easy to clean.


2. Magazine racks for people to have the option to read something while they wait. There are endless options, from the classic to the more modern structures, or even attached to the wall.


3. Light. Lighting will be different depending on the character of the place. If it is a medical consultation you can use a cold light, that will reflect an image of cleanness and professionalism, but beware, not too cold as to seem hostile to the client. As you’ll see, the right canvas print will help you with that. If it is a waiting room for a service office, a warmer and more inviting light will help your clients open to you.


4. Colour. Try not to be too monotonous, use pale colours, they are more relaxing and will help decrease anxiety, It’s also a good idea to add some contrast by painting one wall with a different colour. Maybe a wall with a rocky material colour will add elegance and sophistication to the room.


5. Materials. Look for natural and soft materials, they also help control stress levels. And as for the furniture and the floors, if you can use tablecloths and floor mats, it will help reduce the noise of people walking around, and also the conversations and echoes.


6. Background music. Calmed and soft music, not necessarily classical or chill out music, just music that will help people relax and will cover the, sometimes, unnecessarily stressful silences. If you can have a screen with an informational video that will help the client to understand the process of what’s going to happen next and will save you time explaining, even better.


7. Exterior views. If you have the chance of having a window or balcony to the street, or an interior garden. That will also help your clients to be entertained and calmly wait for their turn.


8. Decoration. Don’t forget your wall art. Canvas prints are the best option. They are not expensive and will allow you to easily re-decorate your waiting room from time to time, infusing new life without expending a large budget. Long and extra-long canvases are more suitable for larger rooms, where the distance between walls would not allow people sitting opposite to the painting to appreciate smaller canvases. Although there’s no perfect rule, usually square and rectangular canvases work better in smaller waiting rooms. The canvas themes are also very important to define your business from the first impression. That’s why architectural and mechanical structures, like bridges or cars are best used in engineering or mechanical businesses. Images of nature and relaxing canvases can be seen in massage parlors, or more classical paintings decorate the walls of lawyers and bankers. The perfect canvas for your business is the one that transmits the qualities of your profession and the one that resonates with your own character.


These are just a few options of images that you can find at The Canvas Art Factory, and what type of waiting room they can decorate.









Zen stones and flower


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