Beach House Decorating Ideas

Beach House Decorating Ideas

To achieve the beach house decor, you don’t necessarily have to live by the beach. This style of decor can be accomplished in your home deep in the city. Below are the beach house decorating ideas to achieve this look.


One of the key elements of classic beach house decor is the white-on-white of walls, floorboards, and sometimes even furniture. Interior designers and stylists look beyond the obvious white in order to bring in all the natural light. However, white-on-white dangerously teeters on cold and stark feelings, so why not create a warm and inviting feeling by adding honey-hued wooden furniture. These can be anything from stools in the kitchen, fruit bowls on the kitchen bench, a single side table by the couch or a coffee table. For more resourceful uses of warm wood tones, use picnic baskets to store items around the house.

Beach house decor white on white

While white-on-white welcomes all the light from the sun and offers a much needed fresh and airy feeling, it also opens the opportunity for adding colouring furnishing around the home. Decorate the floors with bright, colourful rugs or place vases around the room. There’s more reason to add bouquets of fresh flowers in colourful vases, placing them on the wooden furniture. Or perhaps add trinkets and treasures found in the sand, like seashells, onto bookshelves. 

Wall Art

To add a pop of colour to your walls, hang up ocean scenes and seascape beach art. Nothing ocean-inspired will feel out of place, whether that’s surfers running across the sand or riding a wave, images of seashells, starfish, or sea creatures. You don’t even have to limit these images to your nearest beach. Bring European seaside towns and magical island getaways into your home. A light timber frame around these images will add a touch of warmth to the space. If you don’t like the idea of one large image dominating the wall, perhaps you’ll consider smaller images reflecting life by the sea or cosy vintage prints that you can frame and group together on the wall. You could even put them in different frames, so the wall art doesn’t look bland and uniformed. It’s a creative way to break up the starkness of the white room.

Beach art hanging on wall

Cosy Furnishing

Besides all the white, beach house decor has one other thing that makes it such an allure for holidaymakers, and that is the cosy furnishings. The beach house is a place to unwind and relax, so be mindful not to fill it with Modernist designs out of Art Deco or Art Nouveau. Look to summertime staples such as wicker furniture, woven baskets, and nautical knickknacks. Consider couches that evoke an oceanic colour palette. In the bedroom, bedheads could be a design of washed-out white, woven wicker, or something inspired by ships for the kids.

Outdoor beach furniture

Wallpaper with a Pop of Colour

Give your kids’ bedroom or playroom a vibrant burst of colour with nautical wallpaper. Kids won’t take as much enjoyment out of white-on-white rooms trimmed with wooden furnishings and will need something that reflects colourful storybooks that will whisk them away to dream. For the ultimate beach house decor, consider wallpaper with a pop of turquoise to generate a feeling of tranquil and refreshing ocean water.

Wallpaper is something you can add to your bathroom to give it a pop of patterned design that will have your mind wandering as you enjoy a much-needed bath. For this, play into the water elements and have nautical-themed wallpaper, or go the other way with tropical wallpaper filled with images of palm trees and coconuts! It’ll give the room an island holiday vibe.

Ocean Linen and Throws

For the final touches on a home inspired by beach house decor, consider the linen. The bed is the main feature of the bedroom and provides ample opportunity to enhance the design of the home. Whether patterned or unpatterned, you can’t go wrong with coastal colour palettes. There’s much to choose from, whether that’s the turquoise of the sea, tropical greens, or warm sunset hues. For the kids, add playful images of seashells and anchors. Extend beyond the bedroom and add a throwover to the couch, handy for those nights with a chilly breeze. Keep these throwovers simple as they act as a mere touch of colour to an already warm and welcoming room. A light shade of blue will evoke the calming sea, while a rich yellow will remind you of a summer sunset.

Beach and coastal linen