Watercolour Art: A Delicate Finish to Your Room

Watercolour is possibly the oldest medium of art. Prehistoric cave paintings in Europe were painted with water-soluble pigments, and Egyptian manuscripts utilised the medium in creating illustrations. Despite these ancient roots, watercolour as a definitive medium only became ubiquitous and flourished during the Renaissance. The popularity of watercolour has shifted so many times throughout history. […]

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How to Make a Gallery Wall for Your Room

Personalising your room isn’t as challenging as it sounds, but there are a lot of ways you can go about it that you’ll often spend more time deciding how to do it than implementing it. The simplest option is often the most effective, and you can’t get any simpler than making a gallery wall for your room. […]

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An Introduction to Contemporary Photography

When you look at a photograph online and see it labelled as ‘contemporary’, do you understand what the term means in relation to the image? Canvas photos and prints with this moniker are widespread and very common, but few people can explain why a piece of photograph is called ‘contemporary’ as opposed to anything else. […]

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