Fine Art Photography: A Brief History

Featured Art – The Seine at Night, available here –, and Park in Paris, available here – If a picture supposedly paints a thousand words, is the message it conveys considered a form of artistic expression? If a photograph can convey ideas and move its viewers to certain emotions, is it considered fine […]

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5 Ways Wall Art Adds Glamour to Your Apartment

Featured art – Abstract Elegance, available here – Whether moving to a new apartment or sprucing up your old one, you are limited to what you can decorate. Apart from window treatments and a change in lighting fixtures, there’s not much you can tweak or change in your allocated space. Or is there? What […]

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5 Common Mistakes When Designing Your Space

Featured Art – Shapes on Canvas, available here – The freedom to design and decorate your own home is both liberating and intimidating. More often than not, your enthusiasm to shape your living spaces according to your vision will supersede your actual experience. This will result in mistakes that, while seemingly harmless, can have […]

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