With the majority of products imported from overseas it will be refreshing for you to know that our Art Factory is 100% Australia owned and operated.

Our products are manufactured within Australia to the highest standard, by purchasing our product you are helping to protect and grow the Australian economy. The option for customers to purchase art direct from the Factory is a new phenomenon in art retailing.

We are designers, manufacturers, wholesaler and retailers so we can offer you the best prices, the latest art designs and high quality photography. We give our absolute assurance on quality since we control the entire production process.

We are an art outlet selling high quality canvas art reproductions direct from our factory. No more high retail mark ups. Now you can furnish your home or office with beautiful artwork at a fraction of the retail price. Our prices are for ready-to-hang art.
We wish to grow our business through volume and are realistic about what consumers want to pay. Our prices are always low and we will always be able to beat our competitor on price and quality. Just compare us to any other brand!

Since we own the intellectual property of our designs we can offer a tailored service whereby we can change the colour of our art to blend with any  colour scheme.

Furthermore we can change the shape of the art to suit your wall space. We make sure that you get the most personalised artwork that you require. As our business grows so does our range.

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We manufacture a wide range of designs including abstracts, paintings and photography using the highest quality raw materials.

Customer orders are made on demand and all production is carefully controlled and checked ensuring high quality standards are constantly maintained. We can deliver artwork nationally via courier or via Australia Post. Alternatively, you can pick up tour purchase from our Brisbane factory.

We design our own artwork as well as sell other artists’ work upon agreement and we are constantly adding new designs to our collection. As soon as we design a new piece of artwork it is available for our customers to purchase within 48 hours of its creation. Meaning you have the opportunity to purchase designs “hot off the press”. With that in mind you have assurance that the market place is not saturated with the same designs.

The Canvas Art Factory also customises any images to suit your decor. Please submit an enquiry directly to us if you’d like to see one of our artworks split into multiple pieces, a colour change or shape change.



If you prefer, we can have your own photos or artwork enlarged and printed onto canvas.

Ready to hang photos can make the perfect low-cost present that everyone will appreciate.

Canvas reproductions come in a range of shapes and sizes. Some pictures are designed for square frames, some for rectangular frames (either wide or tall) and some for panoramic frames which we refer to as Long and Extra Long.

There are also a number of artworks, which are intended to be purchased in sets, such as the triptychs (set of 3) or duos (set of 2). When hung side by side these sets can create an impressive display on any wall.

We can also split your own photo or artwork into numerous canvases. If you require a specific size that you can’t see available on our website, please click here to send us an email.


The canvas material we use is made from a blend of strong man-made fibres. This means they are guaranteed not to deteriorate (unlike cotton canvas material which deteriorate over time). It is incredibly strong, does not sag in humid weather conditions and does not require re-stretching.

When printing artwork, the canvas material we use is textured to imitate a painted look, like oils and watercolours. For photographic work we use a finer grade of material to give a smooth look. All canvas used has UV block out properties so it is resistant to the sun’s UV rays.



The highest quality UV resistant inks archival are used. Their archival properties mean they can last for up to 120 years before they begin to fade.



Our frames are made out of kiln dried timber. They are carefully constructed with bevelled edges which prevents ghosting (ghosting occurs when you can see the frame faintly through the canvas).

We use strong corner supports especially on our large frames and use strong industrial glue as well as staples to secure the frame pieces together, which means your canvas will be strong and durable.



The reproductions are printed on the latest state-of-the-art wide format commercial printers, which produce strong, sharp image quality and accurate colour reproduction.

The printing process is heat supported, and it fixates the colours deeply into the canvas fibres producing a matte, clear image which is rich in colour.



When you receive your canvas we will provide you with Care Guidelines to help you care for your canvas.

Apart from our website, we have a physical shop in our factory, based in South East Queensland, Australia in Woolloongabba, Qld.

In that same location you can enjoy our CANVAS ART CAFE, with an amazing range of foods and drinks.

And also our own OUTLET SHOP, where you can find amazing designs at incredible discounted prices.



Question: My order is ready for pickup, where do I go to pick it up?

Answer: The address for picking up any order is 73 Ipswich Road, Woolloongabba (Brisbane).



Question: Are the images stretched on to a frame, ie. ready to hang and how long do they take?

Answer: Yes, the prices you see will automatically be for a stretched image on a frame and should reach you within two weeks. So if we describe all images as unstretched just that your image is printed on to the canvas then the canvas is stretched on to a frame and comes to you ready to hang. For any image you do have the option to request it unstretched in which case the canvas would come rolled in a tube. But unless you request unstretched, then your canvas will always automatically be stretched on a frame with cord and hooks at the back, ready to hang.



Question: What does the term Giclee mean?

Answer: While it sounds fancy, it really just means high quality ink-jet print.

Giclee (pronounced zhee-klay), from French, is an invented name for the process of making fine art prints from a digital source using ink-jet printing. The word giclee is derived from the French language word “glicée”  meaning nozzle, or more specifically “gicler” meaning to spurt, or spray.

The name was originally applied to fine art prints created on printers in a process invented in the early 1990s but has since come to mean any high quality ink-jet print and is often used in galleries and print shops to denote such prints.

So do we use a giclee process, or print giclee? Yes, we produce high quality ink-jet prints. We use an independently tested canvas, pigment inks, kiln-dried bars and we have colour managed workflow to ensure colour accuracy.

Anyone in the industry who says that their giclee prints are different to canvas prints of a high quality are likely just trying to make their product sound better in some way.



Question: I’m having trouble with ordering on the website, what can I do?

Answer: First suggestion is to refresh your screen. If you know where the Refresh button is at the top of your screen, click on this. If you can’t find the button, just click the button on the right hand side of your mouse and choose Refresh.

Clicking Refresh may assist if you find your Cart still contains items after you have already Checked Out. If you have checked out but are not sure whether we have received your order, you will know that we have if you receive an email to your email address which confirms your order. If you are still concerned you can phone us on (07) 3393 2880 and we’ll try and help with any issue you may be having.



Question: After I place my order how long does it take to receive my print?

Answer: Prints are usually delivered in 2 to 3 weeks from the time your order is confirmed?



Question: My images are not digital, is it still possible to print these on canvas?

Answer: If you do not have your own scanner, you can take them to a local photo store to have them professionally scanned. Take along a CD or USB stick. Once you’ve had them scanned into a digital format, you can upload as part of your website order or email them to us. When having them scanned it is a good idea to discuss the digital size that you will require.



Question: I am not sure if my image can be printed at the size I would like?

Answer: If you are concerned about your image quality please email your details or your file to info@canvasartfactory.com and our in-house designers can check for you before you place your online order.



Question: What can you tell me about your frames?

Answer: Our canvas prints are stretched onto frames which are 4cm in thickness. The frames are made of high quality, kiln dried pine and professionally constructed with bevelled edges (softened edges and corners which prevents the canvas from being pressured or dented).



Question: What digital file types do you accept?

Answer: We can accept just about any file type that can be opened in Adobe Photoshop. Through our website, we accept jpg, jpeg, tif, bmp, gif, png and pdf but you can email us any type of file. If a single file is larger than 70Mb, then you can place your order online and just upload a thumbnail. Then email us your larger file using our Hightail link at: https://www.hightail.com/u/thecanvasartfactory



Question: What payments do you accept?

Answer: Purchases from our Brisbane store can be paid for by credit card or cash. Through our website we accept credit cards, bank deposit payments (account details provided at checkout), cheque/money order in the mail (address provided at checkout) and PayPal.

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