Our art liquidation store at Woolloongabba is still open to the public during normal trading hours, with increased sanitation and social distancing measures in place. We are also continuing to take orders online which, at present, are taking around 7 business days to be made and despatched. However, due to a significant increase in demand being experienced by the freight companies we use, delivery may take longer than usual and you should allow a few extra days for your order to be delivered.

5 Long-Term Care Tips for Watercolour Art

Watercolour is one of the oldest art mediums and is well-known for its transparency and almost ethereal aesthetics. Also known as aquarelle, wall art painted with watercolour has a distinct look that’s bright and luminous and serves as a delicate finishing touch to any room. This medium is delicate in more ways than one though. […]

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Watercolour Art: A Delicate Finish to Your Room

Watercolour is possibly the oldest medium of art. Prehistoric cave paintings in Europe were painted with water-soluble pigments, and Egyptian manuscripts utilised the medium in creating illustrations. Despite these ancient roots, watercolour as a definitive medium only became ubiquitous and flourished during the Renaissance. The popularity of watercolour has shifted so many times throughout history. […]

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Exploring Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau is an international movement and ornamental style of art, architecture, and decorative arts. Born from rebellious artists looking to create a new and distinct style, it flourished between 1890 to 1910 and has the shortest ‘duration’ of any art movement – lasting only 20 years since its inception. Despite its short tenure on […]

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